Induction day

This is the first day of my PGCert course at LCC. Our tutor, John, has talked us through the timetable, and now everyone is learning how to access Moodle and use WordPress. I want to learn how to change the font and excessive leading of my WordPress theme, but I don’t know how, and neither does John (I don’t think it’s possible).

However, I’ve worked out how to add images from the web, and uploaded this one which I found by going to Wikipedia and searching for ‘teacher’. Looking at it, it occurred to me that the classroom depicted is somewhat more sociable than ours – we are all sitting in a grid in front of computers, whereas they seem to be mingling. Our tutor isn’t holding a wooden spoon though, and he is quite friendly.

There seem to be some login issues with Moodle as we also have staff accounts. Apparently it’s advisable to use different browsers to avoid this: one as a member of staff and another as a student, which seems a bit messy, so I’d rather not do it. I wondered if this is Moodle’s fault, or whether it betrays a wider issue of the university perceiving teachers and learners as separate entities. I was quite happy with this insight and thought I could look into it further during this course. Later I also capitalised on it by paying the cheaper, student price for my chicken and rice lunch.

I think this has concluded my observations for the day. We are meant to read some texts for Wednesday, ‘Race and the Neoliberal University’, which is open in my Safari window, and another one which isn’t. I’ve been postponing reading these for weeks.

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