Studio day

Sun’s out today. I wake up and announce “I’m going to the studio.” which makes me feel good. Now Clare’s determined to hold me to it despite having since changed my mind and wanting to lay on the couch watching TV instead.

I’ve reluctantly agreed that we’re going to the studio together by bike, but first Clare has to complete her tax return, which involves me for some reason. As the morning progresses, she moves in and out of the computer room occasions saying “I need to complete my tax return” in a loud voice. I’m laying on the couch watching NBA basketball highlights when I’m called in to help with her Excel doc, which makes me feel slightly resentful but also clever at the same time.

I think Clare’s finished her accounts, but I daren’t ask as I will get more information than I care for. Either way, we’re off.

I seem to daydream when I cycle, because all of a sudden we’re in Camberwell, waiting for a gap in the traffic and Clare’s talking to me. She’s saying something involving the words “football match” which appear to be what’s woken me up from my stupor. We carry on cycling but now I feel rather embarrassed, as this suggests the words “football match” resonate with me at some deeper level.

A few miles on, and we encounter a sea of men in football scarves. Clare explains they usually close the cycle path during football matches, so now I have some context. She cycles up to two policemen and asks if the cycle path is open. The one she’s addressed appears to be taking a while to process the question, so she turns to the other who nods, and she’s off. I arrive just as the first one has started to talk so I slow down and stop so as not to appear rude. But by now he’s processed Clare’s departure and promptly stops talking mid sentence, which leaves me lingering right in front of him and fiddling with my pedals. Clare’s looking back at me wondering what I’m doing, which I don’t know either.

We are cycling against a sea of men in scarves now, which is somewhat unsettling. I am interested in getting to the studio as fast as possible, but I am also entertaining the thought of not getting beaten up.

Further down it turns out the cycle lane is actually closed, not open, so now we are cycling back exactly where we came from. I think Clare is angry as she is racing and I’m trying to keep up. As she cycles past the police officers she seems to say something as both their heads swing around, then they look at each other. Then they turn to look at me, but I smile as I don’t want to get beaten up by men in football scarves, so I’m actually glad there are policemen about. 

In the studio now writing my blog post. I also need to eat, and there is no food so I have to set out to the Coop at some stage for some vile rice in a bag which is what I always go for. I’m giving a talk on ‘Type & Image’ in a couple of weeks, so must get cracking. I’ll probably get nothing done today though, as it’s already getting dark.