Spent most of today setting up direct debits, doing my accounts, changing passwords, and getting hounded by UCU about voting.

On the way home it occurs to me that although I’ve worked very hard, none of my activities have generating any income, so I wonder if it still qualifies as working.

I once told a student of mine he hadn’t worked enough, but he objected and stressed he’d worked extremely hard. He went on to explain how he’d been up till 4am the night before “literally staring at a blank piece of A4 paper” and I immediately understood his position and appreciated how hard he’d worked.

For some reason it seems that ‘working very hard on something’ and ‘working’ seem to be two different activities. My student worked very hard on trying to work, which is commendable yet entirely fruitless, just like my day has been.

I also worked extremely hard for my Academic Leadership course and only got a C- which is slightly embarrassing. But it made complete sense to Angela at Camberwell, who explained I’d worked “too hard”.

Anyway, I don’t intend to work on anything else today, so I’ve come home looking for something stupid-yet-watchable on Amazon Prime, which is pretty hard work.

I’m settling in for ‘The Purge – Season 2’, which I know from watching Season 1, is definitely stupid. 

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