Thoughtless acts

Visited Camberwell library for a copy of ‘Thoughtless Acts’ by Jane Fulton Suri, which Simon introduced at last week’s PgCert. It turns out I can’t borrow it though as it’s out of print and presumably too valuable to loan. Then I remember my free tutor pass, so I photocopy the whole thing instead.

At the FdA office I show my new printouts to Angela who asks me for a cup of tea. On my way to the kitchen I use my laptop to carry my laptop charger, my jar of teabags, Angela’s Habitat mug with some leftover tea in it, and a tub of Sainsbury’s ‘Taste the Difference’ Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road Mini Bites which I bought earlier to help me through marking. It occurs to me I have performed a ‘thoughtless act’ by using my laptop as a tray, so I take this photograph for my PgCert blog.

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